Within our facilities, Mapes & Sprowl Steel is a self-contained provider of raw materials, processes, and services necessary to supply the enameling and electrical steel markets.


Slitting is the process of reducing Master coils into smaller individual toleranced cuts for further downstream processing. Mapes & Sprowl Steel is capable of producing slit coils in thicknesses of 0.004” to 0.082” and widths from 0.750” to 60.000”.


This process converts slit coil into sheets for multiple uses, including compound stamping and laser cutting. The coil is processed through a leveler to improve flatness and remove coil set and then cut into lengths up to a maximum of 144”.


Our inventory needs special consideration in packaging, handling, and storage. Our storage and handling procedures ensure part quality and magnetic property retention, with careful consideration in placement and loading to minimize any external stress or damage to packaging.

Proper rotation of stock in our dry, heated warehouse eliminates condensation and reduces the potential for rust formation. We protect each shipment with waterproof paper wrap treated with a vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI). Our skids are custom-made to properly support and protect our products.

We are capable of shipping either locally or internationally.