Electrical Steel

A specialist in electrical steel since 1927, Mapes & Sprowl is a full service supplier of electrical steel sheet and coil, including Fully Processed, Semi Processed, Cold Rolled and CRML electrical steel. We offer one-on-one technical consultation to determine the customer’s specification and the best grade for the application.

Inventory Ranges
Mapes & Sprowl maintains the country’s widest service center inventory ranges of fully processed electrical steel. Customers are assured a high quality supply of grain oriented and non-oriented steels. We work with multiple steel sources to make certain we deliver our customers a consistent and uninterrupted supply of electrical steel.

Non-Oriented Steel
These are electrical steels in which the magnetic properties are uniform in any plane of the material. In applications such as motor lamination, where flux may flow in any direction, non-oriented grades provide ultimate performance.

Grain Oriented Steel
Because of the crystal structure in which grains are aligned, grain oriented steels possess vastly superior magnetic properties in the rolling direction. However, this results in inferior properties in other directions. Oriented steels are used primarily in the production of transformers and other applications which call for improved permeability at high flux densities, and low core loss.

Cold Rolled Motor Lamination Steel
This material is a low cost material for volume applications. Ease of stamping and low tool wear help to contribute to the low cost of finished laminations. When properly annealed, after stamping, today’s grades of lamination steel have core losses rivaling the lower grades of silicon steel.

Die Cut Shunts
In response to the electrical steel market shunt cutting is now available. We utilize state of the art equipment to Die Cut shunts in wide ranges of sizes. Our shunt cutting lines combined with our world class stress free slitting gives us the capability to provide you with the tightest tolerance products. Materials available in gauges from .009″ to .025″ processing in widths from .625″ (+/- .002″) to lengths starting at .625″ (+/- .003″).

Shielding Applications
We are pleased to announce the addition of our latest precision cut to length line, geared toward serving the exacting demands of the Shielding Industry. Our line utilizes state of the art technology to produce precision cut to length Non-Oriented Electrical Steels to whatever size best suits your job requirements. Mapes & Sprowl is committed to serving the Shielding Industry. We custom package every job to ensure that the high quality product that leaves our facility arrives at your site in perfect condition.

Low Carbon Magnetic Iron (ASTM A 848)
Do you require Low Residual Magnetism in your steel? Does your specification call for Commercially Pure Iron or Ingot Iron? Do any of your applications specify ASTM A 848. We have the products you are looking for. Best Mag™ and Best Mag Strip are available in a range of gauges and widths.

Storage, Handling and Packaging
Electrical steels need special consideration in storage, handling and packaging. Our storage and handling procedures insure the retention of magnetic properties. Proper rotation of stock in our dry, heated warehouse eliminates condensation and rusting. We protect each shipment with waterproof paper wrap treated with a vapor corrosion inhibitor. Our skids are custom-made for each order.



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